Elizabeth Hollie

Elizabeth Ann Hollie serves as the Managing Attorney of the Selma Regional Office of Legal
Services Alabama. Ms. Hollie helps people during some of the most difficult times in their lives.
Whether a client faces being evicted from their home, having their vehicle repossessed, or facing
unsurmountable debt, Ms. Hollie is dedicated to working relentlessly for her clients. She
understands that without the free services provided by Legal Services Alabama, most clients will
have no place else to turn.
In addition to her eviction and repossession work, Ms. Hollie also assists clients in domestic
violence divorces and custody, mortgage foreclosure, public benefits (SSI Cessation, Medicaid,
TANF), debt collection defense, estate planning and probate. Since beginning at Legal Services
Alabama’s Selma office, she has successfully prevented evictions, foreclosures, obtained
dismissal of debt collections cases and successfully sued landlords for constructively evicting
tenants without a court order. One such case garnered a judgment in excess of $14,000,000.
Prior to joining the Selma office, Ms. Hollie worked for 24 years for various corporate law firms
in Birmingham on the administrative side working for attorneys. There she learned the
necessities of motion and litigation practice, the knowledge she uses in her practice as Managing