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Staff Attorney

Jim Smith

Jim Smith joined LSA in October 2008, and currently works with the One Place Family Justice Center (OPFJC) in Montgomery, AL. Smith specializes in: consumer, housing, bankruptcy, and immigration cases, as well as consumer class actions and appellate litigation. While at LSA he has worked as a Staff Attorney, Senior Staff Attorney, Managing Attorney and the statewide Family Law Advocacy Director. Smith has served on numerous judicial committees focusing on domestic violence, presented at seminars, and on drafting many of Alabama’s domestic violence and sexual violence laws. Having worked as a community organizer in Jonesboro, Arkansas, Smith is a graduate of Tulane University (1972) and Catholic University in D.C., where he received his J.D. He worked for LSA in 1978 in Selma, AL to assist in voting rights litigation, including a case that forced the City of Hayneville (AL) to redraw its city boundaries to include omitted African American residents. The case later led Smith to handle domestic and sexual violence cases. Smith currently serves on the Board of the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence, as Chair of the Montgomery County DHR Quality Assurance Committee, as an active member of ABA Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence, and as member of LSA's High Impact Litigation Unit. Smith currently serves as Staff Attorney in the Montgomery Office/OPFJC, in which he helped founded.