August Advocate of the Month

Headshot of Rae Bolton

Andrea “Rae” Bolton joined LSA in July 2017 and is the Lead Attorney at the Birmingham office. 

In August Bolton closed many cases and prevented many more from even going to court. 

An 80 year old woman with a disability was sued for owed credit card debt. The client felt overwhelmed with the prospect of fighting the creditor and began to fear the possibility of jail time. Bolton was able to walk the client through her rights and she was relieved to discover that she was not at risk for arrest. LSA was ultimately able to negotiate the dismissal of the lawsuit.

Bolton also brought peace of mind and safety to a client in an abusive marriage. Her husband destroyed their home, including cutting holes into the walls. He terrorized their animals and would stalk the client while she was at work. Bolton helped the client through her divorce and ensured she would be able to keep her order of protection from abuse against her husband. The client is now able to move forward with a fresh start.

During the exceptional stress of the current pandemic, Bolton has also brought much-needed financial relief to her clients. In August, Bolton helped one client dealing with technical difficulties with the online unemployment application. LSA got the paperwork through and the client started to receive pandemic assistance funds the very same day. In another case, a client was fired during a leave that had been approved by her employer. When the client applied for unemployment compensation she was told she would not receive anything because she was labelled as having “voluntarily quit.” Bolton assisted the client in appealing the decision she was then able to receive her full benefits.

For this and so much more – thank you Rae Bolton!