July 2020 Advocate of the Month

For her hard work supporting some of our most at-risk clients, Kristy Kirkland of the LSA Dothan Office is our July Advocate of the Month.

Kirkland has worked as an LSA staff attorney since May of 2019. She specializes in juvenile, probate-guardianships/commitments, immigration, social security disability and family law.

During the month of July Kirkland helped several clients avoid evictions, including one case she was able to keep entirely out of the courts by communicating with the property manager directly. The woman who reached out for LSA services was being threatened with an eviction for dancing on the sidewalk in front her apartment building. The apartment manager initially cited that the client’s dancing was a violation of her lease. Kirkland reached out and explained that if he chose to pursue the eviction that LSA would challenge him in court. The apartment manager eventually decided the lease violation had been “cured” and the woman did not risk losing her home.

Kirkland has also managed several cases for clients experiencing partner and domestic violence. One such case involved a husband who had become increasingly paranoid due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The husband threatened violence against his family if his wife, Kirkland’s client, did not agree to abide by his extreme crisis planning. The husband demanded the family should heavily arm themselves and move to a remote location. Kirkland was able to secure a Protection From Abuse order for the client that would provide a higher level of legal security and safety for her and her children.

For these cases and many more, thank you Kristy!