Ann Brown Named Vernon Z. Crawford Honoree by Crawford Bar Association

Ann Brown Named Vernon Z. Crawford Honoree by Crawford Bar Association

Ann Brown, Managing Attorney of the Legal Services Alabama (LSA) Mobile office, has been named the honoree for the annual Meet and Greet by the Vernon Z. Crawford Bar Area Bar Association.

Brown’s specialty areas include family, housing and consumer law, and she has shared her skills and passion with LSA for 20 years.

Known for establishing the first African American law firm in Mobile in 1956, Vernon Z. Crawford tackled such groundbreaking issues as school desegregation, discriminatory jury selection, and minority vote dilution during the height of the Civil Rights Movement.

Brown is the acting treasurer of the Vernon Crawford Bar Association, and she says that the association – originally understood as an African American bar – is now the area’s primary law association for all attorneys of color.

Historically, Brown has been part of the committee that designates each year’s honoree. According to Brown, the committee looks to select an attorney known for their commitment to public interest work.

“We look for someone who is giving back to the community,” says Brown. “Someone who is making a difference and having an impact through their legal work.”

The meet and greet event, hosted virtually this year, will allow racial minorities in the Mobile area who have recently passed the bar exam the opportunity to be recognized and celebrated. Brown says the goal is to introduce new attorneys of color to the bar in an effort to support their budding legal careers.

“I am humbled by the whole experience,” says Brown. “It means a lot to me because I have dedicated my legal career to public interest work. I can’t express enough gratitude that they chose to honor me. To be honored among the giants who paved the way, like Crawford, who had to fight to even be a part of the legal practice – it is very humbling.”

Brown is excited to receive this honor in recognition for the work she does at LSA.

“It is a great opportunity to be chosen for this honor at this particular time,” according to Brown. “Diversity and inclusion are at the forefront, and LSA is working to ensure that everyone has a seat at the table.”

Brown will be officially acknowledged with the honor September 29 during the virtual celebration.