April 2019 Advocate of the Month

April 2019 Advocate of the Month

Our April 2019 Advocate of the Month is Andrea “Rae” Bolton, Lead Attorney in the Birmingham Office. Prior to coming to work for LSA, Rae clerked for Judge Michael Graffeo and volunteered for LSA. Rae’s practice covers all of LSA’s core service areas including: consumer, housing and family law. Every month, Rae is a tenacious fighter for her clients, and last month was no exception. Congratulations Rae!

Among the people Rae helped last month, was a senior living in a mobile home park when the park owner tried to remove her. Although the senior was current on her rent, she was one of many people the park owner was trying to remove improperly. (The Landlord started refusing rent in order to evict tenants.) After the client lost her case in District Court, Rae appealed the court and was able to prove the client was entitled to stay, in Circuit Court. With Rae’s help, the client was able to avoid homelessness.

Last month, Rae assisted a hired worker to receive his pay when he worked a short time for a local construction company.

Rae also helped an elderly woman caring for her daughter and granddaughter. With Rae’s help, the client was able to explain that she no longer owned the items that secured the loan and had the case dismissed.

Rae also helped a client when a home warranty that she had paid for failed to pay for items covered by the policy. After the client’s air conditioner stopped functioning in the middle of the summer, LSA first tried to negotiate with the company and then filed suit to force them to honor their contract. Ultimately, Rae was able to get the company to pay what was rightfully due to the client.

Finally, Rae also helped a woman sued for a credit card debt she did not owe. With Rae’s help in court, the client was able to continue with her life and focus on the things that really matter.

LSA is proud of the work of all of our attorneys over the years, and is very proud of the history we have created together. With attorneys like Rae, LSA is continuing to ensure great representation for our clients. Thank you, and keep it up Rae!


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