LSA Welcomes new attorney to its Call Center Staff

Legal Services Alabama welcomed Dayna Burnett, Staff Attorney, to its Call Center on Oct. 21. A native of Arkansas, Burnett has resided in the Capital City for 30 years. Before joining LSA, Burnett practiced with a small law firm in Montgomery. With a combined 16 years of experience in private practice and with other firms, Burnett stated she has always had an interest in law.

“My practice has always been civil – this is my first time working for a nonprofit,” Burnett said. “I’ve worked on the plaintiff side and consumer debts from the creditor side. I thought it’d be nice to work on the other side to help people retain assets.”

Burnett earned a bachelor’s in Business Administration (Accounting) from Auburn University Montgomery (1999) and a J.D. from the Thomas Goode Jones School of Law (2003). In her new role, she will provide counsel, advice, and guidance to callers who receive intake.

“I want to give them as much information as possible – ideally answer questions and calm their fears so they know what to expect and how to proceed,” Burnett said. “I am enjoying this position, as it is different than what I’ve done before. I can see myself wanting to go back and try cases in court in the future.”

Burnett, who has worked with Legal Services attorneys in times past, stated the interactions have always been positive. For Burnett, working for the “other side” gives her an advantage and is helpful overall.

“I do believe I have a great deal of experience in knowing what strategies the plaintiff attorney employs,” Burnett said. “I know a lot of strategies and am familiar with a lot of the processes. I am not naive about what a debtor or client may tell me, because I’ve seen it. I also have a good deal of knowledge about what kind of pressures these clients may be facing.”

When not practicing, Burnett enjoys cooking – southern, comfort food, and spending time with family.

“I have a three-year-old – Turner, who takes up most of my time,” Burnett said chuckling.

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