June 2019 Advocate of the Month

June 2019 Advocate of the Month

Our June 2019 Advocate of the Month is Rachelle Greczyn. Rachelle joined LSA’s Dothan office in July of 2016. Rachelle is active in all of LSA’s core service areas including: family, consumer, housing, public benefits and education law. In 2018, Rachelle joined LSA’s High Impact team and also became the Lead Attorney for LSA’s Empowerment practice group. Since starting at LSA, Rachelle has proven herself to be one of the hardest working and accomplished young attorneys with the program. In June, Rachelle proved this once again by helping a large number of people with a wide variety of problems.

Among the people Rachelle helped last month was a domestic violence victim who needed to move and live safely with a life free from abuse. Rachelle appeared in her Protection from Abuse case against the abuser and made sure the client got a PFA. Rachelle also followed up by filing a divorce that is ongoing.

In another case, Rachelle helped a client who was in danger of being illegally set out of their home by an unscrupulous landlord. Rachelle contacted the landlord to warn them that if they took any illegal action, there would be consequences. With Rachelle’s help, the client could once again feel safe in their home.

Rachelle also went to court last month to help a client protect money in her bank account that she needed to survive. With Rachelle’s help the client’s fund were returned and the garnishment was released.

In another case, Rachelle helped a client facing eviction who could not afford to relocate after hitting a financial hardship. With Rachelle’s help, the landlord agreed to take the money they would otherwise have spent on pursuing an eviction, and provide it to the client to move. With Rachelle’s help, both the client and landlord benefitted and the client was able to relocate with dignity.

Rachelle also helped two more clients receive divorces with good terms. In one case, Rachelle was able to help an abuse victim separate from an abuser with custody of her children and child support. In the other case, Rachelle was able to get a $5,000.00 payment for the client to compensate her for the loss of property that she then used to start over.

This month and every month, we here at LSA are very proud of the work done by Rachelle and the Dothan office. Thanks again, Rachelle!

By: Michael Forton, Director of Advocacy

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