February 2020 Advocate of the Month

February 2020 Advocate of the Month

Our February 2020 Advocate of the Month is Michael Letson. After working in LSA’s Florence office from 2005 until 2012, Michael rejoined LSA  in June 2017. Michael’s work focuses on housing, consumer, domestic and elder law. Michael has served on a number of community organizations such as the Inner City Council (Lawrence County), North Alabama Children’s Policy Councils, and the Board of the Jackson House Foundation.  A graduate of Miles Law School (2011), Michael currently works in the Birmingham office.

In one case in February, Michael helped an abuse victim get a divorce from a seriously abusive spouse. With LSA’s help, the client was able to move on and get a fresh start to life.

In another case, Michael helped a tenant accused of wrongdoing by her landlord. With Michael’s help, the client was able to negotiate a settlement that would allow her to move on with her life. Under the agreement, the client got time to move, and the eviction that was filed against her was dismissed.

In one final case, Michael helped a victim of sex trafficking. With Michael’s help, the client learned how to contact law enforcement to protect herself and ensure her rights were respected.

Michael also helped a large number of people with advanced directives and explained the importance of the probate system.

This month and every month, we here at LSA are very proud of the work done by Michael and the Birmingham office. Way to go Michael!

By: Michael Forton, Director of Advocacy