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January Advocate of the Month

During the last month Birmingham Staff Attorney, Faye Doss Suggs, has provided excellent legal aid services to many families struggling with their finances and homes.

In one case, a senior client came to LSA in search of financial security. Previously, the client’s son had been receiving alimony checks from her ex-husband on her behalf. After her son placed her in a nursing home, he stopped transferring the checks to her. Suggs successfully assisted the client with replacing her missing checks and ensured that all future checks are sent to a secure address.

In another case, a client paid a security deposit for an apartment which she ultimately did not move into. After reviewing the physical condition of the space, the client did not feel it was suitable for living. After the landlord refused to return her deposit, Suggs helped the client send a demand letter to the landlord. The client received her full deposit back from the landlord.

During this complicated time, Suggs has also helped one client keep her home and her furry friend. The client got a cat and did not inform the landlord, as she was under the impression the leasing office was closed due to COVID-19. When the landlord learned of the cat, the client was met with a lease termination notice – simply for not paying the pet deposit. Suggs worked with the client to negotiate an agreement with the landlord. Thanks to Suggs, the client and her cat are still securely housed.

For all of this and so much more, Faye Doss Suggs is our January 2021 Advocate of the Month. Thank you, Faye, for all you do!