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June Advocate of the Month

June Advocate of the Month

Throughout June Staff Attorney Rachelle Greczyn has been providing stellar service to clients in the Dothan area. While so many are worried about financial stability, housing, and their health, LSA has provided a lifeline to those who need it most.

In one case, Greczyn was able to keep a client from being evicted from the housing authority she lives in. The client unexpectedly had a cousin arrive to her home. While there, the cousin was involved in a shooting. Greczyn appealed the eviction to the circuit court and requested a jury trial. She was prepared to argue that the cousin arrived uninvited and the client had no control over her cousin’s actions. While conducting discovery for the trial Greczyn discovered that the housing authority had the client sign a lease renewal during the original proceedings. The housing authority then had no choice but to dismiss the case, allowing the client to remain in her home.

Greczyn has also helped two clients obtain necessary divorces from abusive partners. She secured protection from abuse language in the divorce decree for one client and child support for the other.

She also helped two clients avoid wage garnishment – keeping money in their pockets during a time where the loss of income is a peak concern.

In a unique case, Greczyn’s representation helped a client avoid arrest and jail time. Before reaching out to LSA the client had already lost a case in court. He was routinely unable to attend the post-judgment interrogatories. He was facing having a writ of arrest issued against him if he failed to appear in court. He then got in touch with LSA. Greczyn reached an agreement with the court that would allow her to work with the client to provide the court with the interrogations materials they sought. The client was able avoid jail time thanks to the support and advocacy of Greczyn.

For all of this and so much more, Rachelle Greczyn is our June 2021 Advocate of the Month. Thank you, Rachelle, for all you do!