June Advocate of the Month

Our June 2020 Advocate of the Month is Kendra Johnson.

Kendra joined LSA in April of 2018. Kendra’s specialty areas include consumer law, bankruptcy and family law (specializing in situations involving domestic violence). Kendra received her undergraduate degree from The University of Montevallo and went to law school at Georgetown University Law Center. Kendra currently serves as Staff Attorney in the Birmingham Office.

Among other people, Kendra helped last month was a family facing an unnecessary eviction. Kendra appeared on behalf of the family in court and argued on their behalf. Because of Kendra’s help that family will now not have an eviction on their record.

In one case, Kendra helped a client who was having trouble paying rent and buying food for their family. With the help of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy the client’s garnishment was discharge and the family was able to start over again financially.

In another case, Kendra helped a client who had been sued for money owed to a furniture rental company. With Kendra’s help the client’s debt was forgiven and she received back money that had previously been taken.

This month and every month we here at LSA are very proud of the work done by Kendra and the Birmingham office. Great job Kendra!