LSA CommUNITY Mural Campaign

LSA CommUNITY Mural Campaign

Legal Services Alabama (LSA) and Blank Space Bham are partnered on a new mural of Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth to be hosted on a wall of the LSA Birmingham office at 1820 7th Ave.

A civil rights activist instrumental in the Freedom Rides and co-founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Shuttlesworth was chosen as the subject of the mural to honor a local changemaker whose work is tied to the current goals of LSA – increased justice, fairness and hope for all.

The mural will be bright and modern, contrasting the images typically available of historic figures. LSA and Blank Space Bham feel this is a visual way to communicate that the past still lives with us in Alabama today.

The mural will enhance the area for anyone traveling by 7th Ave, but with the increase in civil rights tourism across Alabama it is anticipated that the artwork will appeal to a broader population of people who are invested in legal aid and social activism.

“LSA is proud to host this mural of civil rights icon Rev. Shuttlesworth,” says Guy Lescault, LSA Executive Director. “He was a champion for justice, and we work every day at LSA to uphold his legacy through support of people with low-incomes in all 67 counties of the state.”

LSA closed over 16,000 cases in Alabama last year, with over 3,000 closed in Birmingham. Each case represents an Alabamian who is held back by the structural problems of poverty, with a majority also representing people who experience a race-based disparity when seeking justice.

“The work of Rev. Shuttlesworth isn’t over,” says Meghan McCollum of Blank Space Bham. “We hope that this mural (designed by artists Meghan McCollum and Jamie Bonfiglio) not only honors the life and work of this incredible man but also inspires a whole new generation to continue the march toward justice in Birmingham and beyond.”

The inclusion of contemporary art on the LSA building is meant to signal an ongoing commitment to racial and economic justice by associating the current work done by LSA with the work accomplished by the giants of the Civil Rights Movement.

To learn more about the Birmingham Fred Shuttlesworth mural and to contribute to its development, visit the campaign on GoFundMe.


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LSA offices are located in Anniston/Gadsden, Birmingham, Dothan, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, Selma and Tuscaloosa. LSA offices handle civil cases only. Each office has lawyers licensed to practice in Alabama and other staff who know how to help low-income people resolve their legal problems.

Blank Space Bham seeks to reclaim public space, strengthen communities, foster creativity, and advocate for the (re)development of inclusive built environments through the transformative power of art.

Licensed and insured, they offer consulting, project management, and design/installation services for murals and creative placemaking initiatives across the Southeast.