LSA welcomes former Immigration Attorney to its Mobile Office in November

LSA welcomes former Immigration Attorney to its Mobile Office in November

LSA welcomed former immigration attorney Norman Roman, as its newest Staff Attorney to the Mobile Regional Office on Nov. 5.

Born in Bermuda and raised in Washington D.C., Roman has a heart for those who have been exploited/mistreated by the legal system.

With a J.D. from the University of the District of Columbia, David A Clarke School of Law (2015), and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from California State University, San Marcos (2006), Roman currently handles consumer and housing cases.

Wanting meaningful work, Roman stated working for LSA is a “dream come true.”

“I really enjoy it so far,” Roman said. “LSA is perfect for me because their mission is similar to my mission – to help people who can’t help themselves. This entire team in Mobile is laser focused on that goal. It’s just a great team of people to work with. [LSA] is a fantastic opportunity, and exactly where I want to be.”

Prior to joining LSA, Roman worked in Radio Announcing, The Grand Hotel Golf & Spa in Fairhope, AL, and other hotels in Washington D.C. For Roman, seeing the day-to-day predicament of the immigrant community, stirred his emotions and compelled him to want to make a difference as a lawyer.

“I worked with a lot of people from Mexico and Central America … a large population from South Africa,” Roman said. “I felt for those folks and their plight. I felt like they really got ‘kicked around’ in every facet of their lives; From being charged exorbitant interests rates when wanting to purchase a car, to renting a substandard home and being told by a Landlord they didn’t have to fix the leak in the roof or fix the heater in February. I wanted to put myself in a position to help, because hearing their stories just broke my heart every day.”

Roman also volunteered with the Dilley Pro Bono Project, an Immigration Justice Campaign Center housed roughly 80 miles outside of San Antonio, Texas that assists mothers and children seeking asylum in the United States. There are similarities, Roman stated, between the immigrant population and his low-income clients. LSA serves as a “bridge,” Roman stated, in helping the underserved navigate the legal system.

“They are used to being almost a victim of the law in various circumstances – whereas the laws are here to protect people,” Roman said. “When they can get legal help, it really turns things around for them and gives them a better chance of succeeding. I like taking them across, to be that bridge between them and the law, and helping them, through the law.”

Roman, who is also fluent in Spanish, is a member of the Baldwin County Bar Association and the American Immigration Lawyers Association. When not practicing law, he enjoys Golfing, watching the National Football League’s Washington Redskins play, and spending time with his wife Kim of nearly 30 years, and six dogs.

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