March 2020 Advocates of the Month

March 2020 Advocates of the Month

Every month since January of 2017, LSA has named an individual attorney as the “Advocate of the Month.” Each attorney was recognized because of the valuable work they did for our clients in the previous month. LSA has never recognized more than one person nor have we recognized any non-attorneys.

In addition to our attorneys, LSA has many amazing professionals who support the important work of our lawyers and keep LSA functioning. They are the first face a client sees when they enter an office and they are the first voice a person hears when they contact LSA. They are the glue that holds our program together. This month LSA is naming two of them, Angela Newton of the Dothan Office and Christine Lewis of the Huntsville Office as the LSA “Advocate of the Month.”

Chris and Angie have a lot to be proud of this month. When LSA closed its physical locations to the public in mid-March we knew we would have to adapt to serve our clients. LSA immediately began asking attorneys and support staff to voluntarily work alongside the Call Center to continue offering services to clients. Although LSA is very proud of all of those who joined in this effort we specifically recognize that Angie and Chris have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

In addition to continuing to support their offices, in the first two weeks of working along with the Call Center, Chris and Angie combined opened almost one hundred new client files. For many of those clients, who found themselves suddenly poor without any notice, Angie and Chris were the first hope they had that their situation might be okay.

For over nineteen years Angie has been the face of LSA’s Dothan Office as their only Administrative Assistant. Chris has served two tours as the Administrative Assistant in LSA’s Huntsville Office for a total of six years of service. In addition to working with the Call Center, Chris has also done all the printing and mailing for our staff working from their homes.

Along with many other Alabamians, we here at LSA recognize that the current crisis has created some unexpected heroes. Along with the usual crowd (medical professionals, teachers, first responders, etc.) we have come to understand that today the grocery workers, food service workers and delivery drivers also deserve to be recognized for their special contribution during these unique times. It is in that spirit that we recognize Angie and Chris for their work and join so many clients in thanking them for the work they have done for years.

By: Michael Forton, Director of Advocacy