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May Advocate of the Month

May Advocate of the Month

Throughout the month of May, Birmingham Staff Attorney Kendra Johnson has been protecting clients’ income, keeping money in the pockets of those who need it now more than ever. From excessive wage garnishments to outrageous debt, Johnson’s hard work has given peace-of-mind to many LSA clients.

In one such case, Johnson worked with a 74-year-old woman who was traumatized by a debt in the excess of $62,000. The client had been taking money from her 401K retirement account to manage payments against the debt. Afraid for her financial security she contacted LSA. Johnson filed chapter 7 on behalf of the client which successfully discharged the entirety of the remaining debt. The client remarked that the weight of the debt lifted from her restored her sanity.

Johnson also helped secure food stamps for a single mother. The client was a victim of domestic violence and was forced to flee her marital residence for the safety of her and her children. The new financial burden of living arrangements made the client fear for her ability to provide for her children. Thanks to Johnson’s help the client now receives over $500 in monthly food stamp payments, and no longer worries about keeping food and other necessities in her home.

In another case, the client was already settling a divorce before reaching out to LSA. She had a protection from abuse order against her ex-husband which she was willing to drop if he honored a settlement that returned several important items to the client. Through an attorney her ex-husband agreed to return to her: valuable jewelry given to the client by her mother, the vehicle she relied on, EIP payments her husband accepted on her behalf, and the degrees the client had earned in dentistry. Once the client dropped the PFA order, her ex-husband reneged on the agreement. The client then reached out to LSA and Johnson took over her case. Johnson negotiated a settlement that left the client with her mother’s jewelry, a bill of sale showing the full payment of the vehicle, $2,000 in stimulus money, and her dentistry degrees.

Johnson has also helped several clients avoid wage garnishment by filing chapter 7. These clients’ debts were all either extremely reduced or eliminated entirely. They now have fresh starts to build upon, without the fear of living in debt forever.

For all of this and so much more, Kendra Johnson is our May 2021 Advocate of the Month. Thank you, Kendra, for all you do!