Montgomery Native joins LSA with hopes of “Reaching Back”

As a survivor of domestic violence, Montgomery native and LSA’s newest Staff Attorney, Donna Prashad, believes being a support system for victims is her “God calling.”

“I went to Law School with a purpose in my mind – to be an advocate for victims of domestic violence. I had experienced it myself as a younger person,” Prashad said, who joined the firm May 1st. “I was living in another state – didn’t have family, my family didn’t know anything like that was going on   … it was embarrassing. I had lost my job and everything through that experience. I had to get myself out.”

After moving back to Montgomery, Prashad got a job and a car, and began to get her life back on track.

“I was working for a law firm and I immediately got back in school; I just went through – kept going, because that was a goal that I had [to finish school],” she said. “I was determined that I was going to reach that goal.”

Prashad graduated from The University of Alabama School of Law (2002) and received her Bachelor of Justice and Public Safety from Auburn University Montgomery (AUM) in 1998. Prashad clerked for Hardin, Degraffenried, Hardin & Tyra in Tuscaloosa a couple of years before beginning her private practice in Montgomery in 2004. She also has experience as a Guardian Ad Litem, providing legal services to juveniles with no fit parents.

With wisdom and extensive legal knowledge under her belt, Prashad stated that LSA is where she is “meant to be.”

“This is my calling – this is where I am supposed to be. I’m very happy to be here,” Prashad said. “So glad of the opportunity to work here.”

Prashad hopes to continue to bring awareness to domestic violence, especially in the Elmore County area, providing legal resources to victims.

“I want to make a difference to the people I represent,” Prashad said. “I know how to relate to the clients. I’ve never had a client that didn’t trust me, and I think it’s because I’ve been blessed with empathy and I believe my clients can feel that. I really, truly care.”

When not practicing, she enjoys being in her garden and spending time with her two grandchildren – Mirra, 8, and Dallas, 2, and dog named King.

“I love planting flowers and decorating, and I like to be outside,” Prashad said. “I’m a homebody – home is my sanctuary. I’m also very active in my church, and I love volunteering.”

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