Former East Coast advocate joins LSA Montgomery Office in January

LSA welcomed Chesapeake, VA native Kevin Boston to its Montgomery Office in January 2020. With a background in legal aid, Boston has experience in social security benefits, divorces, mortgage foreclosures, Landlord-tenant, disability, personal injury and expunctions.

Boston earned a B.A. in Political Science from Hampton University and a J.D. from North Carolina Central University (NCCU) School of Law. Since the age of five, Boston stated he always wanted to be a lawyer and help the disadvantaged.

“It has always been a passion of mine,” Boston said, who started with LSA on Jan. 21. “I interned with Legal Aid of North Carolina since my 1L year, so I’ve always done legal services for the underrepresented. I started doing housing cases, but my main focus was expunctions.”

For Boston, helping society’s most vulnerable, is of utmost importance.

“The smiles that I see on other people’s faces when they are able to stay in their homes or get rid of a creditor, are the reasons I do what I do – I’ve always wanted to be an advocate for the underrepresented,” Boston said. “In my kindergarten graduation speech, I said I wanted to be an attorney and help out those who couldn’t afford an attorney.”

Boston cites the hard work of his parents, U.S. Army National Guard veterans, as the driving force behind his success. His mother Linda – a Registered Nurse, and father Henry – a Traffic Engineer, worked multiple jobs during Boston’s youth to pay for his educational pursuits. Boston hopes to bring the same dedication, new strategies and tactics learned as well as a fresh perspective, to his current caseload.

“As the laws changes, ideas change and even Judges’ ideologies change,” Boston said. “The clients I have here are very similar to the clients I had in North Carolina. I want to be the best attorney that I can be – gaining the experience and connections, and just serving my clients to the best of my ability.”

Being open-minded, sympathetic to clients and not being afraid to fight cases, Boston believes, is key to his future achievements at LSA.

“You have to understand the clients – put yourself in their shoes and have patience,” he said. “The number one thing is making them feel comfortable and then making them feel like you are actually here for them … Once we get that rapport [established], the result good or bad, I can always be of service. Many of my former clients still call me just to say ‘hello.’”

Boston enjoys playing music, exercising, and visiting museums when not practicing. He is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and is the youngest of three.

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