November 2019 Advocate of the Month

November 2019 Advocate of the Month

Our November 2019 Advocate of the Month is Avery Livingston Stewart. Avery joined LSA in February 2019. Stewart specializes in housing and consumer. Avery earned her undergraduate degree from Oglethorpe University, her law degree from Cumberland School of Law, and she has a Ph. D. in Public Administration and Public Policy from Auburn University. Prior to LSA, Stewart worked as Director of Public Policy with the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ACADV), Coordinator for Civic Engagement at Troy University, Staff Attorney for ACLU of Alabama, and as an Adjunct Professor for Auburn and Troy universities.

Among the people Avery helped was an individual with disabilities whose SSI (Supplemental Security Income) had been cut off. When the client and her guardian came to our office, Avery asked the Social Security Administration to reconsider its decision and the client’s income was restored.

In another case, Avery helped a young single mother protect her bank account when a debt collector attempted to seize it. With Avery’s help, this client was able to continue paying her bills and support her family.

Avery also assisted a client dealing with a contract dispute regarding the client’s home. The client came to our office because they had made all of the payment through a land sales contract but the other party refused to deliver the deed. After Avery contacted the other side’s lawyer, a deed was delivered to the client and the client was finally able to recognize a dream of homeownership.

This month, Avery also helped four individuals to deal with garnishments which would otherwise have been devastating to them and their families.

 In one final case, Avery helped an individual who was threatened with the loss of her housing subsidy when her home failed inspection because the landlord turned the water off. With Avery’s help, the client was able to prove that the water shutoff was not her fault. After Avery represented the client at an administrative hearing, the client was able to move and retain her benefits.

Way to go Avery and keep up the good work!

By: Michael Forton, Director of Advocacy

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