October 2019 Advocate of the Month

October 2019 Advocate of the Month

Our October 2019 Advocate of the Month is Rachele Reis. After graduating from Washington and Lee University School of Law, Rachele joined LSA’s Mobile office in August of 2016. Rachele is active in most of LSA’s core service areas including: family, consumer, housing, public benefits law. Since starting at LSA, Rachele has proven herself to be one of the hardest working young attorneys with the program, which led to her being named the Consumer Lead Attorney earlier this year. In October, Rachele proved this once again by helping a large number of people with a wide variety of problems.

Among the people Rachele helped was a married couple whose home was endangered by debt. Both spouses were unable to work due to disabilities; the husband requires a wheelchair for mobility. With Rachele’s help, the debt was discharged and the couple’s home was safe and stable again.

In another case, Rachele helped a young student deal with a debt collection case. With Rachele’s help, this student was able to get a fresh start on life so they could truly prosper once they graduate and begin a career.

Rachele also assisted a victim of domestic violence escape from a dangerous marriage and begin a new chapter in her life. Rachele helped her client get a protection order and custody of her children after her spouse was jailed for significant abuse. With Rachele’s help, this survivor was awarded ownership of the family home and was able to move on with life safely.

In one final case, Rachele helped a client file bankruptcy after a recent divorce left her saddled with marital debt. With Rachele’s assistance, this client was able to discharge approximately $84,000 in debt created by the client’s ex-husband’s bad financial decision.

This month and every month, we here at LSA are very proud of the work done by Rachele and the Mobile office. Thanks again, Rachele!

By: Michael Forton, Director of Advocacy

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