Paralegal Helps to make a difference at Mobile Office

LSA welcomed JoRosalyn Edwards, Paralegal, to its Mobile Legal Staff in November 2019. A native of Mobile, AL, Edwards joined LSA on Nov. 4. With 10 years of experience, Edwards’ specialty areas include: bankruptcy, criminal, family, probate and personal injury law.

Before joining LSA full-time, Edwards volunteered for LSA in 2018. For Edwards, “helping others” has always been her passion.

“Before I came [to LSA], I was working in a bankruptcy department for a creditor firm, which was a different environment for me. I was the one processing foreclosures … taking people’s homes …. repossessing vehicles,” Edwards said of the taxing role. “Here at Legal Services, not only are we helping people, but we are making a difference in people’s lives.”

Edwards graduated from Faulkner State Community College (2011) with an associate degree in Applied Science – Paralegal and Ashworth College (2016) with an associate degree in Taxation. Edwards is currently completing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Strayer University.

In the near future, Edwards hopes to obtain a law degree.

“My first goal was to go to law school. I’ve been doing some research,” Edwards said. “I always wanted to be an attorney and I’m looking forward to going to law school.”

Edwards believes her experience and confidence is an asset to the Mobile Office as well as LSA.

“If need be, I can do a full bankruptcy and divorce in my sleep, because I have been doing it for so long,” Edwards said. “It’s so hands-on here. To be an assistance to the Managing Attorney is one less thing that has to be worried about.”

Edwards sees a great future with LSA.

“I’ve enjoyed myself as a volunteer and it has allowed me to prove and show my worth,” Edwards said. “I look forward to remaining a part of the LSA family.”

Edwards enjoys spending time with her husband Roydrick and family.

“I have four children – they are 10-years old, 3-years-old, 2-years-old and 1,” Edwards said. “My sister and my mom are my backbone.”

When not working, Edwards enjoys focusing on being an entrepreneur, specializing in income-tax preparation and insurance. She also desires to open a group home for disabled veterans.

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