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August Advocate of the Month

August Advocate of the Month

Between health concerns and confusion surrounding the eviction moratorium, August has been a difficult month in Alabama. Birmingham Managing Attorney, Farah Majid, has been doing the good work of helping clients find security.

Majid has aided several clients in avoiding loss of income to collections or garnishments. In one case, the client was severely depressed after suffering a traumatic brain injury. The injury left him disabled and he attempted to take his own life. It was around this time that he accrued the debt in his collections case. Majid’s representation ensured the case was dismissed. The client no longer has to worry about his debt and can instead focus on healing.

In another case, an elderly client was the social security payee for three of her relatives. She managed several accounts for each family member. When each account was seized and frozen, around $3,000 was removed. Majid proved that the funds were exempt under the wildcard exemption. The judge ruled in her favor and the client received a full refund. She is now able to continue managing the finances of her disabled relatives and providing for their care.

Majid also helped a client struggling with rent. Her husband passed away, she was diagnosed with cancer, and because of all this, lost her job. After she was denied disability she fell behind in her rent. Majid represented the client against eviction, demonstrating that she was financially unable to make partial payments under the CDC declaration. The judge ruled in her favor and stayed the case. Prior to the hearing, Majid contacted ERA Alabama to expedite the client’s application. After the client won her hearing her application was approved and she received around $10,000 in back rent owed. The client has a new job now and will effectively be able to get back on her feet without worrying about losing her home.

After being repeatedly mistreated by workers at her nursing home an elderly woman attempted a pro se small claims lawsuit for the return of her missing personal items. Majid negotiated with the nursing home to ensure the return of the client’s belongings, and a settlement of $1,400 to compensate for the items that could not be recovered.

For all of this and so much more, Farah Majid is our August 2021 Advocate of the Month. Thank you, Farah, for all you do!