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Guy Lescault

Mr. Guy Lescault was appointed Interim Executive Director (long-term) on January 1, 2018. Lescault has more than 35 years of experience in the Legal Services Community, including serving as Program Counsel for the Office of Program Performance for Legal Services Corporation (LSC). Lescault has also served as a Long Term Interim Director for LSC funded programs in Washington DC, Massachusetts, and New Mexico. Additionally, Lescault was a part of the original team in the Atlanta Regional office of Legal Services Corporation that helped establish the first three Legal Services Corporation grantees in Alabama in the 1970’s, including the Huntsville, Birmingham, and statewide legal services programs.

Lescault will assist LSA, the Alabama State Bar, The Alabama Supreme Court’s Access to Justice Commission, and other partners in conducting a comprehensive legal needs assessment and priority setting process, which identifies and focuses on the most pressing legal problems of the low-income community in Alabama.