60+ Year Olds in Alabama May Qualify for Free Legal Help

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A lawyer can explain your rights and may be able to represent you in court to get a protection order.
A lawyer can explain your rights and determine what help may be available. The lawyer may represent you in the eviction case in court or negotiate with the landlord to resolve the matter.
A lawyer can explain the foreclosure process and possible defenses or alternatives to foreclosure and may represent you in a foreclosure mediation.
A lawyer can take steps to stop the exploitation, attempt to recover lost assets, and help restore your credit rating.
A lawyer can explain your rights and may be even be able to represent you at a hearing.
A lawyer can assist you in getting all the help that is available to reduce your drug costs.
A lawyer can explain your rights and may be even be able to represent you at a hearing.
A lawyer can answer questions about how to handle harassing bill collectors. If you are being sued, a lawyer can give helpful advice and may be able to represent you in court.
A lawyer can help you apply for what’s called a “Medicaid Waiver” or other public benefits and supportive services that can help you safely stay or return home. A Medicaid Waiver may be able to provide you with support services like meal preparation, housekeeping, dealing with medicines and more.
A lawyer can help you understand your options. Also, in some cases, the lawyer may be able to prepare some of these documents for you.
A lawyer can advise you of your rights and provide representation if you are under a guardianship or someone thinks that your need a guardian.

Events and Presentations

We lead presentations for groups of older adults at senior centers, libraries, county extension offices, churches, community centers, and other locations throughout Alabama.

We also staff tables at resource fairs and other events for older adults throughout Alabama. 

If you are a service provider for older adults and would like us to speak to your team about what Legal Services Alabama does to help older adults, please contact us.

For more information, contact Kim Homer at or call: (334) 409-6278. 

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