Debt Counseling

Guidance and support in managing debt and improving your financial situation

Debt Consolidation

Guidance and support in creating a financial strategy that involves combining multiple high-interest debts into a single, more manageable loan or credit line


The legal process through which a portion of a person’s wages or financial assets are withheld by an entity to satisfy a debt

Collection Lawsuit

Legal action initiated by a creditor or debt collection agency to recover a debt that is owed

Debt Harassment

A range of aggressive, abusive, or unethical/illegal practices employed by debt collectors in their efforts to recover a debt from an individual


A legal process that provides individuals with a way to manage or eliminate their overwhelming debts when they are unable to repay them


A lender takes back possession of assets that were used as collateral for a debt when the borrower fails to make the required payments

Dispute Over Auto Repairs 

A vehicle owner and a repair shop/mechanic have a conflict regarding the work performed on the vehicle, the associated costs, and/or the quality of the repairs

Purchases of Defective “As-Is” Products

“As-Is” is a term that describes a seller who sells a product without assuming responsibility for defects. The usage of this term does not shield the seller from any and all liability when it comes to the products they sell. LSA can help you determine the validity of your claim against a seller.

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